For the majority of us, any movie with subtitles is an immediate turn-off. We loathe to read. Which means that we really hate to read at the pictures.

That is quite unfortunate, because non-English speaking countries are turning out some of the best theater on earth.

But how can you, who hates to read, learn how to observe and love these movies and filmmakers? Well, here are two tips that will help you get going.

1. Do not Read!

Films were initially silent as I am sure you understand. They relied on visual information to tell their stories: acting editing. They were generally accompanied by live music, so the sound was not primary, although they did have sound in certain sense -and it wasn’t dialogue.

All narrative films today evolved from these silent films and their form of storytelling. Most of the traditions continue to be near.

Hence, even now, in a superb movie dialogue is secondary. It’s not vital, although it might solidify the storyline. The primary thrust is visual. When you’re seeing a movie with subtitles, do not pay so much attention to the altyazılı belgesel.


A lot of folks look up film reviews to make a decision as to what things to see. I had suggest something else for foreign movies: look them up to understand circumstance and the fundamental storyline. A trailer sometimes functions, too.

However, you inquire, won’t that ruin the storyline? Likely. Do not let plot-the Hollywood distraction-spoil your foreign film. Once you know the basics of the story, you will not feel deceived by robbed expectancies. To what occurs, instead of paying attention, pay attention to the way that it happens, and the way that it is shown. That is what separates lousy and great filmmaking.

Incidentally, the supposed first-class quality of a foreign movie is not just some kind of cinema snobbery. It is implicit. Not all films are subtitled and available in the English-speaking world; just the very best ones are. Subtitles, hence, certainly are a kind of filtering. Only the cream comes in.

Give foreign movies, subtitled films, a chance. It is an entire new world of film watching. However, it’s also slightly different than what you’re used to watching. So, view the altyazılı film things on its own terms. And use those two tricks as an entrance point. You won’t be disappointed.

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