Things to Understand About Prague Before You Travel

We would like to pass on suggestions and a number of tips and had an excellent time in Prague a few years back.

As there’s so much to see and do in this glorious capital city of the Czech Republic. We were lucky enough to spend four days here which was enough for us to go to the attractions which we’d ear indicated on our travel guide. There are approximately around twenty main sights that you can cram in to your stay.

Transport is cost effective when in Prague and efficient. The city centre itself is best to see on foot as the heart is extremely streamlined, as virtually all of the sights could be seen. You can always rent a car to visit the surrounding towns while on your visit.

When booking your hotel, please understand the city centre is usually active and noisy at all times of night and the day. In the evening into the wee hours of the morning. The town comes alive with tourists eating out in bars and the pavement fashion cafes. To her residents going about their daily lives which seem to start at six o’clock each morning the city awakes in the early morning.

Most of the city centre hotels might not have double glazing and could be three star resorts. It may be worth venturing outside the city centre say several stops away by pražské metro and traveling into the town. We stayed in a four star hotel which has all the mod cons sauna and even a pool.

This hotel was only three stops away from Wenceslas Square. Just took a few minutes by pražské metro into the town centre. We purchased as this was cheaper than buying a single day ticket. Believe it or not we managed to see more of the city than other travellers who we had met on the plane and their resort was right in the heart.

Wine and cheap beer can be bought throughout the city center out of hamburger style vans. That is fairly reasonable in price and often surprisingly cheaper than purchasing a soft drink.

Dining Out is unconscious. The staple diet is largely influenced by the surrounding states. Be prepared to see plenty of roast pork, apple dumplings and apple strudel. The meals that we sampled on our trip where all exquisite and delicious.

The weather tends to be mild in the spring as well as autumn hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. The metro has supermarkets and stores subterranean to deal with all sorts of weather. The supermarkets sell really inexpensive sandwiches, salads, and soft drinks should you wish to obtain a light lunch and find your self a sit under a tree in the hot summer season.

A terrific solution to escape the hot balmy daytime of the summer will be to visit Petron. An oasis of tranquility and calmness and lots of greenery. Should you take the bus there’s a long walk up the hill be warned. The view would be worth the visit rather than to be missed. Stop off at the middle stop and spend some time relaxing using a cool beer or glass of wine under an umbrella in the bar’s beer garden. This is really a unique bar and restaurant as they’re carved from the hill face and overlook all of Prague and the River Find Out More.

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